“Etiquettes and Common Social Courtesies

“Etiquettes and Common Social Courtesies

 The Library department conducted a webinar on “Etiquettes and Common Social Courtesies” on 27th November 2020 through Google meet. Principal Dr. Subrahmanya Bhat expressed his gratitude to all the participants and speaker Dr. Cidalia Bodade opened the forum for the webinar.

In the welcome address, the Librarian Mrs. Sonia Desai, spoke about the importance of the good behaviour in the society to get success in life and simpler things are needed to practice in daily life.

She also reminded of the old quote “First impression is the last impression”

The speaker Dr. Cidalia Bodade Director of PANACHE focused on etiquettes to be followed in the society and the places like home, public or at workplace etc…with valuable tips to the viewers.

“A Good Listener is always a good communicator and good communicator is always a good listener” said by Dr. Cidalia Bodade during webinar.

The same webinar was uploaded on YouTube channel link (https://youtu.be/YzhgumPfP_Q).There was impressive with feedback from staff and students

Teacher Representative Asst. Prof Mrs. Gayatri Behare introduced the speaker and Mr. Deep Naik (SY B. Com) proposed the vote of thanks.