Report On Women Empowerment: Health


Women Empowerment: Health

Swami Vivekanand Vidyaprasarak Mandal’s College of Commerce Shirshire Bori, Department of Library and Information Science in collaboration with NDLI Club organised Session on “Women Empowerment: Health for the staff and student of the college.
Speaker Mrs Valencia Fernandes (Crown Director) was the speaker of the session. She inspired the students by giving her example of setting success in business being a woman with three kids without anyone’s support and also with the qualification of std XII.
Mrs Sonia Desai the Librarian addressed to students to focus on dreams and also thanked Anishka Rodrigues from TY B. Com for suggesting the speaker.
On this occasion, the department conducted Poster making Competition on the theme “Women Empowerment: Health” in collaboration with NDLI Club as the monthly activity.

The Prizes for the Poster Competition are as Follows: –
1st Prize Rutik Gaonkar (SY B. Com)
2nd Prize Prisca Antao (TY B. Com)
3rd Prize Nishita Naik (TY B. Com)